Healing Ministry

Church of the Ascension has a long history of healing ministry to its members and the community. The Healing Ministry is done in a variety of ways; primarily through intercessory prayer and anointing with the laying on of hands. Our healing ministry is open to everyone.

Below are a list of various ways we do our intercessory prayers.

1. Intercessory Prayers: Once a prayer request is made known, it is sent to the members St. Luke’s intercessors and healing team for intentional and continuous prayers. Prayer requests can be sent to Father Allan Weatherholt.

2. Anointing with Laying on of Hands: Opportunities for anointing
(unction) with laying on of hands is offered at every Sunday worship
service. During the Holy Cross Hall service, members of the Healing
Team are available to anoint and pray with anyone during communion.

During Stone Church services, the priest anoints and prays with people at the altar immediately following communion. If you wish to join the healing team, you may contact Father Allan Weatherholt.
Occasionally, we also hold Healing Services on Sunday.

3. Home Visits: Father Allan and members of the Healing Team are
always available to visit people in their homes to anoint and pray with
them. If you need someone to visit you, please contact the Church

4. Healing Seminars: Our Healing Ministry team sometimes invites
someone with expertise in the area of Healing Ministry to come and
teach and conduct healing services.